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For elaboration and filing of a national application for registration of trademark of the Russian Federation, you should afford following information and documents (translation into Russian can be done in our Company):

1. Information about an applicant:

full name of the applicant company, correspondence address, country of the registration, postcode;


full name and surname of the individual applicant (s), country of  residence, address of the applicant (s), postcode;

2. List of wares services, for marking of which the use of trademark is supposed;

3. Figure of trademark in electronic format (for figure trademark and combination trademarks)

On authority of applicant statements, we will prepare a form of power of attorney for conducting of cases in Rospatent by our patent attorneys.

The term of elaboration of application documents is about 1-2 work days under date of payment for patent attorney services if the applicant has given all the necessary information and documents to patent attorney.

The process of trademark registration takes about one year (the term can be change upward due to difficult passing of examination). Trademark registration acts during ten years under date of filing of application. The term of trademark functioning can be extend for next ten years, infinite number of times.

To be sure in opportunity of denotation registration as trademark, we can make a preliminary search among trademarks registered in Russia and make a trademark examination. 


Preliminary search (trademark examination)


The search is made among classes of Nice Classification which trademark registration is planning for. Based on results of the search it is possible to develop a strategy of successful trademark registration before filing of the application.

Results of the search comprise registered Russian trademarks, international trademark registrations, protected in Russia and also applications under consideration in Federal Intellectual Property Service (Rospatent).

To get more detail information or order a preliminary search, please, contact us with e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.