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Services of registration of programs and databases, registration of alienation agreements of programs and databases are provided by Elena Valerievna Belousova, the Patent attorney of the Russian Federation No. 1569 of specialization “Computer programs, databases, topography of integral circuits”.

Due to the increase of disputes in Russia, related to copyright protection of program, we are offering you services of state registration of programs and databases in Rospatent. Computer program registration is made within 2 months from the date of filing of documents for the registration.



As a result, you will obtain a document of title - certificate of state registration, which is an additional proof of authorship in case of appearance of conflicts.

It is desirable to possess the certificate in case of realization of operational procedures of “anti-pirates”.

Copyrights for all types of computer programs (including operating systems and program complexes), which can be expressed in any language and in any form, including source code and object code, are defended in Russia as literary copyrights.

Application for state registration of program or database should refer to one program or one database.

Application should contain deposit materials, identifying the program or database, including abridgement.

Rospatent enters program and database correspondingly to Register of programs and Register of databases, grants ownership certificate to applicant and publishes information about registered program or database in official bulletin of Rospatent.

Exclusive devolution of registered program or database with or without a contract subjects to state registration in Rospatent.

Exclusive owner can use the program by any            legal means, can manage the program at its own discretion, and also can prohibit usage of the program by others, what is more absence of the prohibition is not a permission.

We are ready to take all your charge of state registration of computer programs and databases.

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